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    Dwayne is a industrial designer &who lives and works in Chicago, 

    His formal training & apprenticeship was in Navel Architecture & yacht manufacture along with a in depth knowledge of composites, metallurgy and prototyping.

    Dwayne also plays jazz guitar.

    The Chi Hoop was born out of  a annoying problem that musicians have had to put up with for a long time.

    i.e.: stepping on the instrument cable and damaging either the instrument or the output jack or both, along with losing signal.

     In the past, they would knot the instrument cable around the shoulder strap during a performance or practice..... and pray nothing bad happens

    Being a musician & using his background as a Designer, this was always at the back of his mind. So, when he went to watch Buddy Guy perform at the Ravinia Music Festival, he had a 'a ha' moment.

    After 100's of prototypes, we would like to present the best of what Chicago can offer in terms of world class engineering and finishing.

    designed for musicians by a musician