Herb Alpert, Tom Scott, Michael Bolton, Deneice Williams, Hellen Reddy, Mel Carter, Jim Messina, Kenny Loggins, Kevyn Lettau, Word of Mouth, Joe Williams, Kenny Kirkland, Melissa Manchester, Nita Whittaker, Lamont Dozier, David Foster, Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, Rique Pantoja, Kleber Jorge, Kenia, Justo Almario, Russell Ferrante, Chaka Khan, Dione Warwick, The Dave Weckl band, Robben Ford,  Arnold McCuller, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, “Yanni”, Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, Sergio Mendes, Jonathan Butler and Tito Puente among others.

Music Producer/Musician/Singer/Song Writer

I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. I started playing the piano at the age of 7 with encouragement from my parents. When I was 17 years old, I found my brother-in-law’s bass guitar and by the next morning I had taught myself the bass lines to a few songs. My passion for the bass guitar and for music in general grew from there.

When I started College, I became serious about my music career. I studied visual arts, Jazz theory and the bass guitar at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica. During my studies my main influences were the various bands I performed in; the Javier Latin Jazz Band, the Jill Gibson Trio and the Kathy Brown Band, which allowed me to tour all around Jamaica.

During my final year of college, I started my own band called Airplai®. For the next four years my sole focus was on Airplai® Band, which was my first independent endeavour. I was then approached by GeeJam Studios to audition for their band, the Jolly Boys. This was not a simple task as I needed to learn to play the banjo. I arrived early for the audition and in three hours I taught myself how to play the banjo with the help of Mr. Google. For the next year I toured with the Jolly Boys around Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East. During my time with the Jolly Boys, I collaborated on an album project called Quantum Reggae with song writer, Jim Belleau, and musician/singer/song writer, Maroghini.

I am also the owner and founder of Airplai® Productions, where we do album production, song writing, composing/arranging, video editing, film scoring, and jingles. Also, over a decade ago, I created the Perfect10course, which continues to offer online music lessons for bass guitar, guitar, drums, and piano. In 2013, I was discovered online by an agent, which led me to my current venture as a Solo Bassist/Guitarist onboard cruise ships.

In 2014, I released my first solo album, Just Passing Through, under the label Airplai® Productions. This project was ten years in the making. My second album, Feel Brand New, was just released at the end of 2016. I am proud to announce that both albums are available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon.


Check out this great video


Check out this great video

Professional bassist and guitarist

Usama is a professional, working, extended range bassist and guitarist from the city of Beit Sahour / Palestine, playing extended range custom handmade 9 strings bass and 7 & 8 strings electric guitars. 

Usama began his journey with music at an early age, studying at the national conservatory of music in Bethlehem. Usama won the national guitar contest of Marcel Khalife in 2001 during his musical studies, as he started his professional musical journey at the age of 19, where he became part of local, national and international bands, workshops and projects and had the chance to tour many Arabic, European and Asian countries playing different musical styles.

Aside from the upcoming tours, Usama runs a newborn international music project called “Music Exceeds Borders“ together with his project partner and bass sensation Jean-Baptiste Basile from the island of Corsica. Music Exceeds Borders is a project where music is created overseas; emphasizing on the fact that music is a universal language that exceeds all borders, knowing that this project also gives the chance to various international musicians to be featured as guest musicians in this project that is going viral. Music Exceeds Borders sheds huge focus on Bass, making it the lead instrument in all its productions.

Aside from performance, Usama is a certified music teacher currently working at Fredrick Chopin Academy of Music in Bethlehem. His teaching experience goes beyond local and national level as he has taught music in Philippines, Denmark and Germany. His musical work and participations took place internationally in different festivals. Usama is also a recording artist at RJ Music Productions, Mega Studio and Shepherds Studio in the city of Beit Sahour.

Gray Henry is often described as a “One Man 8 String Death Metal Machine”. His weapon of choice being an 8 string guitar. He has most recently been busy writing and recording with Usama Allati and his international music project, “Music Exceeds Borders”. As well as releasing his latest single, “Prevailing Automation”.  

Recording and Performing Artist Composer and Writer

Born on february 27th, 1983, in Miami, USA, his family moved to São Paulo, Brasil, where he spend his childhood, Philip started learning guitar and singing at the age of 12, when he moved to Quito, Ecuador.

At the age of 16, he started his first rock band "Tha Street Angels", by that time he was allready learning, guitar, guitar bass, percution, drums, sampling and MIDI programing.
By the age of 19, he was a multi-instrumentalist, and started his path through the audio production world. With local sound engeneers as his mentor, he began working as an audio assistant in live shows in local venues, and sound design for live shows. In 2002 he travelled for 1 year to the US to work and share some of his compositions. In 2003 he went back to Ecuador, and started his studies as an audio producer with Mario Oyarbide (Soda Estereo's audio producer, and many more).

He taught music for 4 years while he worked in a couple of recording studios.
After several music projects, gigs and concerts, on 2014 he finaly realeses his first album "...Otro Disco Por Los Animales!", composed, recorded, produced entierly by himself. On 2016 his single "Zombies Everywhere" feat. Sebastian Gutierrez, 2017 his album "Acoustic Mountain Dragon LIVE" feat. Bernardo and Sebastian Gutierrez, and his single "Poema Nocturno", in 2018 he spent one year recording and producing a super international colaboration of one his songs "Raíz Animal" that speaks in favor of animal rights, featuring 38 musicians from 4 diferent countries, in 2019 a new international colaboration version of "Poema Nocturno" feat. Usama Allati, and his single "Without You", besides this oficial realesed tracks and albums, there are some "unofficial" tracks online. (All of them composed, writen, recorded, performed and produced by himself)
He also participated on "Viña del Mar 2015", "Dandole Cuerda 2016", "Velada de Trova y Poesía 2016", and many others...
You can find his songs on allmost all digital streaming stores!"